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Explore CosmosDB with .NET Core and MongoDB

Have you had to design general purpose “metadata” tables in your SQL database that basically store column names and...

Optimizing an ASP.NET Core site with Chrome's Lighthouse Auditor

I'm continuing to update my podcast site. I've upgraded it from ASP.

Audio Switcher should be built into Windows - Easily Switch Playback and Recording Devices

I've been running a podcast now for over 600 episodes and I do most of my recordings here at home using a Peavey PV6...

Easier functional and integration testing of ASP.NET Core applications

In ASP.NET 2.1 (now in preview) there's apparently a new package called Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.

Command line "tab" completion for .NET Core CLI in PowerShell or bash

Lots of people are using open source .NET Core and the "dotnet" command line, but few know that the .

Calling all Desktop Developers: how should UI development be improved?

The user interface (UI) of any application is critical in making your app convenient and efficient for the folks using...

Automatic Unit Testing in .NET Core plus Code Coverage in Visual Studio Code

I was talking to Toni Edward Solarin on Skype yesterday about his open source spike (early days) of Code Coverage for .

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Modern Devs Charlotte

.NET feels like a breath of fresh air. Changes in the .

Adelaide .NET User Group

What's new in the OWASP Top 10,

Triangle .NET User Group

Azure Functions provides a fantastic platform for building highly scalable and cost-effective APIs.

Microsoft DevBoston

Databases in DevOps Developers need to learn how to do database development and operations as...


React and ASP.NET Core Best Practices - Peter KellnerReact,

Canberra .NET User Group

Canberra .NET User Group: The 9 Knights of Azure:

Columbus App Dev User Group

• What we'll do Jeff McKenzie speaks on 'You Got TDD in My SQL DB?'.

Brisbane .NET User Group

Quantifying Tech Debt - Jack Watts We all have our subjective opinions about tech debt but how can...

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Why .NET?

  • Samsung is embracing .NET because it is a completely open source project.

  • ASP.NET Core is open source, that allows us to contribute back to it if we have any performance issues which Microsoft review and together we make a better product.

    Ben Adams, Illyriad Games
  • Being able to develop a vast amount of Xamarin code, most of it only once, that serves multiple platforms is a great efficiency benefit for years to come.

    Michele Ivy, UPS
  • Using the same-size server, we were able to go from 1,000 requests per second per node with Node.js to 20,000 requests per second with .NET Core.

    John-Daniel Trask, Raygun CEO

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